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C8772WN ( 02 Magenta) Remanufactured Ink Cartridge ( Double Yield )

Item# RP02M
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Product Description

C8772WN ( 02 Magenta) Compatible Ink Cartridge

Model NumberRP02M
Contents1 Magenta Ink Cartridge
Compatible with Printers:
PhotoSmart 3110
PhotoSmart 3210
PhotoSmart 3210v
PhotoSmart 3210xi
PhotoSmart 3310
PhotoSmart 3310xi
PhotoSmart 8250
PhotoSmart C5140
PhotoSmart C5180
PhotoSmart C6100
PhotoSmart C6150
PhotoSmart C6180
PhotoSmart C6240
PhotoSmart C6250
PhotoSmart C6280
PhotoSmart C7180
PhotoSmart C7250
PhotoSmart C7275
PhotoSmart C7280
PhotoSmart C7283
PhotoSmart C7288
PhotoSmart C8180
PhotoSmart D6160
PhotoSmart D7145
PhotoSmart D7155
PhotoSmart D7160
PhotoSmart D7245
PhotoSmart D7255
PhotoSmart D7260
PhotoSmart D7263
PhotoSmart D7268
PhotoSmart D7345
PhotoSmart D7355
PhotoSmart D7360
PhotoSmart D7460